What I learned on a 10-day silent meditation retreat

In February I spent 10 days on a Vipassana meditation retreat. 10 days without entertainment, without communication and 10 hours of meditation every day. You can imagine that it was a rather extreme experience that lead me to face myself in ways I usually don’t have to. Even though it was a tough time and more than once I felt like quitting, having gone through it was a valuable experience that I’d never want to miss. Some of the lessons I learned there I want to share with you in this article. Continue reading “What I learned on a 10-day silent meditation retreat”

On Curiosity

Have you ever asked yourself about the nature of curiosity? What is this peculiar word actually trying to describe? What does it mean for us as humans and how has it shaped our path in this world? It is an expression of curiosity to even raise those questions. So, you could say this is about curiosity exploring itself through the lens of my reality.

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