About me

Somehow it’s often the little things that make a big difference in life.
A small friendly gesture of a stranger can completely turn your bad mood around.
A little habit can have a big impact on your life on the long run.
A subtle change in perspective can profoundly change your reality.

My name is Malte and I am and always was curious and fascinated by the variety of our reality and the questions it inhabits.
Especially interesting I find the little things mentioned before. The things we very often encounter in every-day-life, but rarely become conscious of, let alone question them.
How does this work? Why is this the way it is? How does that look like if we change our perspective on it?

This Blog will be my personal expression of this curiosity. It’s supposed to challenge me further in that striving of mine, serve as my creative playground and maybe also will make you a little more curious.

Sounds pretty vague? That’s intended, because I don’t really know myself where the journey goes – so stay tuned and be curious!